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Our story started in 2004, when a small team of enthusiasts decided to make a recording studio with the charity organization support. And for many years since that moment we are warking hard each day to become one day the world's best music studio in the world. More then ten years of vast practical recording experience pushed us to explore the phisics of sound waves propagation and the electric signal processing theory to develop a unique patented method of music recording and unprecedented equipment for it's reproduction. As a result now we offer an extended EXCLUSIVE range of recording, mixing, and mastering services, and take pride in providing a warm, friendly, and professional environment to create, record and preserve your music and talent. In addition to individual studio work, full-size orchestras and opera recording and varied onsite services, our special team of engeneers will cary out the complete cicle of measuring, design and construction to build a professional recording studio, audition / cinema hall or rehearsal room for our Valued Customers.

our exceptional advantages

Being a SPECIAL Company we implement UNIQUE features to achieve EXCEPTIONAL dividends for our VALUED Customers.

unique engineering solutions

We use High-Precision recording equipment of our own design and production.
The application of an unprecedented recording technology makes it possible to create fully authentic records with no additional processing.

opera voices
and orchestras recording

Through the use of an exclusive sound recording technology, we record music groups and orchestras of any size,
as well as opera voices of any amplitude and frequency range.

onsite recording

Besides traditional studio work, our team will record your musical performance onsite,
as well as during live concert performance or indoors of rehearsal hall.
Your live recording or backing track has never sounded so vivid & natural.

our recent story of success

The new story of Jugoton started in 2016, when one progressive but a newly established LAG engeneering Company became our best friend in the beginning and our absolute reliable partner later. Using our technical studio basis and huge experience in professional recording we together developed an absolutely new method and designed a unique technology of recording, storage and reproducing of music and preserving of human musical talents of any type. And that was the start of the new Jugoton history. Now we are not only a professional recording studio, but also a progressive brand of High-Precision top-end music equipment, as well as the technical base for audio research and design.

our services and products

As the main brand of LAG Company - Jugoton offers a vast variety of professional music services and branded products.

professional services

We offer an EXTENDED range of recording services and solutions: Conventional instudio recording of vocals and musicians as well as small and mid-range bands, Onsite recording of music groups and orchestras in all kind of areas and rehearsal rooms, Live concerts recording in one take. All tipes of recording methods are performed using our unique patented technologies.

technical design and construction services

Our special team of highly-educated engeneers will cary out the complete cicle of measuring, design and construction services. We perform: Turnkey professional recording studios construction, Acoustic rooms and cinema halls background correction, Design and produduction of acoustic elements of interior.

professional audio equipment production

In addition to the sound recording activities, Jugoton (as the main manufacturing brand of LAG Company) produces and sells unique professional audio equipment of own design and patented technology. We offer a variety of High-Precision sound reproducing systems for studio and home use, Big-Bang DAC modules, as well as professional cable products of different types. Please visit the LAG.WORLD site for details.

concert organisation and artists engagement

In the industry of music Jugoton is a deeply diversified brand. We collaborate with artists and music bands of various music styles as well as with distributors of concert audio equipment. We have a huge experience in outdoor live concerts organization and popular artists engagement. So we will take pride to undertake a complete turnkey organization of an event of any level and scale for our Valued Customers.

our special thanks

On behalf of Jugoton recording studio, we express special thanks to our close and valued friends and partners, whose contribution to our work, as well as many years of creative, technical and financial support, allowed us to bring our musical and social projects to life. We sincerely hope that in the future our cooperation and joint activities in the field of music and culture will become the basis of new achievements and creative successes.

Gasan Bagirov

Jazz Musician. Honored Artist of Azerbaijan

World famous jazz guitarist of a unique music style. Soloist of the Philharmonic of jazz music, member of the Ensemble of David Goloshchekin. Lecturer of the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture. Gasan Bagirov has been a close friend of the Jugoton project since the foundation. The unique sound of his guitar can often be heard in our musical works.

Valentin Gaft

National Artist of The USSR and Russia

Actor of the Soviet and Russian theater and cinema, winner of prestigious theater and cinema awards, National Artist of the USSR, the star of the Moscow "Sovremennik" Theater. Songs to the poems of Valentin Gaft are a special pride of our studio, and in many ways laid the ideological basis of all our work - the preservation of the musical and literary achievements.

Alexsander Morozov

Artist and Composer

National Artist of Russia, National Artist of Ukraine, National Artist of Moldova, composer and singer, whose musical works are known to the widest circle of public, both in Russia and far beyond its borders. In cooperation with the Jugoton studio, Alexander Morozov took part and made an invaluable contribution to the implementation of the charity project "Talents of Russia".

The Tenors of The XXI Century

The Opera Art Project

A world famous opera misical project, headed by Russian musician and producer Dmitry Sibirtsev. For more than 10 years these marvelous singers have been getting together for the audience's joy and fun. The participation of the project team in the charity programs of the Jugoton studio can be truly appreciated with the bright emotions of grateful listeners.

Andrey Lapshin

Musician and Composer

Composer, musician and guitarist, author of a unique technique of guitar playing. Famous Russian public figure, ideologue of the socio-cultural development of society. Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Moscow Regional Charity Organization for culture promotion "Kultura Podmoskovia". Father of Jugoton studio founder.

LAG Company

Engeneering Solutions

Designer and manufacturer of unique professional audio systems and recording technologies. The developer of the recent standard of sound recording and reproducing equipment of the highest class of accuracy High-Precision as a new type of music material peception. LAG Company is a longtime friend and social partner of Jugoton studio projects.


Charity Organization for Culture Promotion

The Moscow Regional Charity Public Organization for Culture Promotion "KULTURA PODMOSKOVIA" was established in 2004 in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation. It is a non-profit charity organization. The organization carries out activities aimed at the development of culture, music, education and moral personal identity and social growth.

TsAGI named after N.E. Zhukovsky

Central Aerohydrodynamic Research Institute

Scientific recearch aviation institute. The largest Soviet and Russian institution to combine basic studies, applied research, structural design, pilot production and testing. During the last decades TsAGI has achieved significant advances in Aerodynamics, Flight dynamics and Flight control systems, as well as improving material strength, service life and reliability of airplanes.

NIIP named after V.V. Tikhomirov

Research Institute for Instrument Engineering

Research Institute for Instrument Engineering named after V.V. Tikhomirov, founded in 1955.The largest research and production enterprise of the USSR and Russia in the development of automated aviation and ground control systems, radar and sonar equipment. One of the key exhibitors at international technical expositions. Industrial partner of LAG Company.

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